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The PureFish Omega Box was curated by our Registered Dietitian & Nutritionist to include a variety of species that contain the highest level of fish oils and omegas to pack the most flavor and nutritional value into each box.


All fish in our Omega Box have been chosen for their ultimate health benefits and are high in protein, omega-3s, and fish oils.


Each tray includes TWO PureFish Perfect Portions ® sealed on our oven & bbq ready trays. So no handling of fish or prep needed, cook directly in tray & when finished just recycle tray. No dirty pans, no clean up!

2 Trays - Arctik ® Sustainable Salmon
2 Trays - Skye Steelhead ® Ocean Trout
2 Tray - Arctik ® Char
1 Tray - Saltwater Sea Bass • Local
1 Tray - Caribbean Cobia / Cabo Kanpachi / Local Black Cod *

Note: Each Tray contains ONE or TWO individual portions with a average toal weight of 12 oz. .

* Due to seasonal fishing, weather, and logistics one of these fish will be sent in box based on weekly availability. If you have questions on which is available please email us.

Every item has been carefully vetted by our seafood experts to ensure it meets our quality and sustainability standards.


As part of the PureFish Sustainability Program, fish species will change based on seasonality and availability. Be sure to check back here, follow us on Instagram, and sign up for our newsletter to receive product updates, new recipes, and discount alerts.

** All fish included is "sushi quality" due to our strict harvesting & freshness guidelines, and more so due to our "shock freezing" technology . Please make sure fish is always stored properly before consuming raw or undercooked.

Taste Profiles:


Arctik® Sustainable Salmon

This sustainable salmon variety is light and buttery with a mild flavor and sweet finish.


Skye Steelhead ® Ocean Trout 

Slightly milder than salmon, this Steelhead Trout boasts beautiful marbling that creates a rich melt-in-your-mouth flavor.


Arctik® Charr

Arctic charr is part of the "salmonoid" family like steelhead & salmon. Delicate & flakey texture with the mildest taste & flavor when compared to salmon & steelhead. This fish packs a lot of flavor and is extremely nutritious. If you like salmon you will love Arctik® Charr


Saltwater Sea Bass • Local 

Sea Bass is light and flaky with a sweet and mild flavor. It’s easy to cook, but also great for no-cook preparations such as ceviche or crudo.


Caribbean Cobia  

This dense and meaty white fish with thick flakes is mild, sweet, and buttery. It’s firm texture and high fat content make it absolutely delicious no matter how you cook it.


Santa Barbara Wild Caught Black Cod

Locally sustainably wild caught Black Cod is oil rich, buttery soft texture; a whitefish great for broiling & high heat.


Wild Sustainably Line Caught Mahi Mahi 

Our line-caught mahi mahi is a delicate whitefish that is mild yet meaty. This favorite is great on its own or "blackened" using our PureFish seasoning. Also great on the grill and makes amazing fish sandwiches & taco's for an easy lunch!


Erika's Nutritionist Note:

"With PureFish's higher quality seafood, most people can get all the health and nutritional benefits with only 4 ounces of PureFish. So feel free to divide or split portions. You might notice you don't need 6 ounces every meal, and it will make your PureFish Perfect Portions go farther. Most customers find that each box can make 20+ meals."

Zero Waste Sustainability Policy:

PureFish has a strict zero waste policy, no part of the fish goes unused.

Collar, Tail, & Belly Meat: Sold to our chef customers for use in soups, burgers, tartar dishes

Fish Scales: Can be used for medical & health products like " marine collagen"

Other Unused Fish Scraps: Used for premium "human grade" pet food

* Due to seasonality of certain fish and/or inclimate weather affecting fishing & logistics, some items may not be available at the time of shipment & will be substituted for the closest available species. Credits and/or refunds will not be given for an substituted items due to being out of stock.

Shipment Days Reminder:

Shipping days are: Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday (2 Day Delivery).

Orders must be placed by 9pm (PST) day prior for next-day ship.

Orders placed after 9pm (PST) Tuesday through Sunday night up to 9pm(PST) will all ship out the coming Monday.

This is to ensure the highest quality products, fastest shipments, and least delivery delays for our valued customers.

PureFish Fun Facts:

Salmon isn’t the only omega-rich fish in the sea. When it comes to healthy fat levels, there are actually many species that match or surpass salmon, but many of them remain widely unknown to consumers. We created the Omega Box to help introduce some of these lesser-known varieties to you and your diet. Now you can effortlessly enjoy different fish and flavors while getting in all those healthy fish oils and omegas.

Consuming a wide range of seafood varieties does more than just keep dinner interesting. It helps create more sustainability by reducing consumption and taking the pressure off common varieties like salmon. It also supports the systems that procure less-popular species; allowing them to keep doing what they’re doing.

Did you know that Cobia is as high (or higher) in omegas as salmon? It’s also high in protein and endorsed by the American Heart Association.

* "Local" designation refers to products sourced local to our San Diego, California based production facility.

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